The History

of Mount Tabor Country Club


Just 6 years after the USGA formed,  the now Mount Tabor Country Club was formed as the Mount Tabor Field Club during the summer of 1900. Members played a 6-hole golf course and putted to tin cans which served as cups. By 1908, the club added three holes completing the 9 hole course. In 1911, the current clubhouse was completed, and by 1931, the club was officially renamed to Mount Tabor Country Club.



Today, Mount Tabor Country Club continues as one of New Jersey's oldest private 9-hole country clubs in the state. We're currently welcoming new members and please visit the Membership page to learn about our new member programs.

Mount Tabor Country Club

Country Club Road

PO Box 59
Mount Tabor, NJ 07878




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