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Private Or Public

Why Private? Why Tabor?

Thinking about joining a club?  Here is a brief examination of public vs private golf followed by some reaons you might consider Mount Tabor Country Club. 

Written by a guy who played public for a long time before joining MTCC in 2018.

Why Private?

  • The Guys & Gals - playing golf and seeing the same people so frequently, you develop friendships. This is the Number 1 reason to join a private club hands down. 

  • The Tournaments - I played public golf for 35 years and I could count on one hand how many tournaments I was in. In private clubs, tournaments are frequent. Some are individual and some our team. They are fun and competitive as well as being a great way to meet members. 

  • The golf - Private golf means playing golf in better conditions, closer to home and getting a tee time when you want it. Whether that is a weekend morning, Friday afternoon or any time during the week. The course is yours. 

Why Tabor? 

  • Camaraderie - People at Tabor are down to earth. They are a fun and competitive bunch. I look forward to seeing them all when I show up to play on the weekends. Lunch is then served on the patio where chops are both served and busted. 

  • Golf - Mount Tabor is a challenging course, it's short but the slope is 131. The holes are diverse and fun to play. The 9 holes are set up differently on the back creating the feel of an 18 hole layout. 

  • The House and Beer Club - Make no mistake, Tabor is a private club with a dress code and such, but it is just not uptight about the whole thing. The beer club is a favorite. Nothing like pouring yourself a cold one after the round. 

  • Weekend Sweeps & Tournaments - In addition to many formal tournaments. Each week we play the less formal "sweeps." Where everyone who is playing kicks in a couple of bucks. Scores are tracked on an app and there are always multiple closest to the pin games. This a great way for single golfers to meet others in the club. All are welcome. 

Come Join The Fun

Play Better. Have Fun

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